Confused Want to claim car insurance? Follow This Easy Step

When you own a private vehicle like a car, you will certainly think to care for and protect it in various ways, including by using car insurance services. Vehicle insurance will make you comfortable and feel calm while driving on the road, because the risks that may occur anytime on your vehicle will be borne by the insurance company.

All of these conveniences must be paid by a number of obligations to the insurer, where you have to pay a premium for the services they provide to your car. As a consumer, you always want to get the best service in return for the obligations you have paid, because it will be very important to ensure that you have chosen and used the best insurance services that suit your vehicle needs. This will help you get the best service and maximum benefits from the use of the insurance.

Claim In Car Insurance

One of the most important things for you to look into before choosing and using the services of an insurance company is about claims, because basically this process will be the most important stage in an insurance service. You certainly do not want to have trouble and all sorts of troublesome things when making a claim, right?

Claims are an attempt made by the insured (the policy holder) to obtain some compensation, where it arises as a result of an accident or theft of the car insured by the insured to the insurer (insurance company). Good for the type of car insurance TLO (Total Loss Only) or All Risk car insurance claims process done more or less the same.

In other words, it can be concluded that, the claim is the right that you get on the liability (premium payment) you have done to the insurer (insurance company), where the insurer has an obligation to fulfill it. Basically every insurance company will have the standard rules they set for customers who will make a claim, where it is often a special consideration for potential customers when they choose the insurance company they will use.

The easier the claim process applied by an insurance company, the more customers who use their services, because basically everyone does not like reporting and getting slow service in all things.

Stages Claims Car Insurance Accident

The claim process applied by an insurance company, will greatly affect the sales of the products they get, where usually every insurance company will have its own policy in this case. As a customer, you certainly do not want to have trouble making claims, because it will cost you a lot of time and energy.

The following are the standard steps you must take when you are going to apply for an insurance claim, if at any time your car has an accident or theft:

1. Reporting Stage

This is the first step that you must do if at any time your car get accident or accident. Do not forget to immediately do this reporting, because there are time limits and other terms set by the insurance company for this process. Take a look at some of the points below when you will be reporting the incidents you experienced:

a. Do it Immediately
Insurance companies usually set a maximum limit of reporting on the accident accident that occurred with a maximum limit of 3x24 hours after the incident. So it's very important for you to take a closer look at the rules, lest your claim be rejected simply because you reported it far from the applicable reporting period. You can do this by contacting the insurer by phone, SMS, email, or come directly to the insurance company concerned.

b. Include Clear Evidence
You can also complete your report by including photos of your car after the accident, so the insurer can see the last condition and how much damage to your car. This can help smooth your claim.

c. Provide Clear Information
When submitting an accident report you are experiencing, it is mandatory for you to provide clear and detailed information about the accident that you have experienced the incident. Explain the actual events and not convoluted, so the insurer can understand and understand the details of the information you provide. Honestly, that all the affairs can run smoothly.

d. Special Handling
This applies to those of you who have an accident outside the city (outside of your insurance registration area), then you can report to the nearest branch of insurance, you can get information about their location by contacting its headquarters first.

e. Report To The Authority
When you have an accident, you should also report the incident to the authorities. It will also help you during your claim, especially if you have an accident outside the city or involve another vehicle.

2. Complete Accident Document

When you have an accident and will make a claim to the insurance company, you are also required to complete your claim with various supporting documents that have been arranged in the insurance agreement. This will help you to make a claim smoothly and be approved by the insurance company you use. The following are the documents that you must include when filing a claim:

a. Claim Form
Make sure you have filled out this form completely and in accordance with the rules set out in the agreement.

b. Copy of the Insurance Policy
This is also one of the documents you must include, as the policy will be an important proof of your participation in an insurance service. The policy is also a reference on the amount of premium and also information about premium payments that you do so far.

3. Vehicle Repair Stage

The next step you take after making a claim is to make improvements to your vehicle. But before doing this, you need to look at some things like below:

a. Wait Handling From Insurance Company
After reporting, you should give the insurance company time to conduct a claim survey, this is to prove the truth about the events you have experienced, and see the damage conditions experienced by your car. This process can be done by bringing your car to an insurance company's insurance shop, insurance company branch office, or even with a direct visit from the officer appointed by the insurance company to your home.

b. Get OWO
Before making any repairs on your vehicle, you are required to obtain a Work Order (OWO) issued by the insurance company as a cover letter for repairing the vehicle at the workshop.

c. Use Partner Service Workshop
Perform your vehicle repair at a partner workshop that has been appointed by the insurance company, this will facilitate you to get good service and meet the standards, because in general insurance companies only work together with workshops that can be trusted performance.

d. Perform In accordance with the Terms
Never put your car into a garage, before you get insurance approval as this will put you at risk of not being paid by the company

Third Party Handling Stage

When you have an accident, you may involve a third party in the event, where a third party is affected or involved in the collision that you are experiencing. This will certainly require special handling, so you avoid some expenditure on the incident.

Basically, vehicle insurance also guarantees any losses incurred or experienced by a third party that is outside the object of coverage but is directly caused by the object (the vehicle you own). This is stipulated in the provisions of Liability to third parties covering: damage to motor vehicles, property damage, medical expenses, disability, and even death.

But in this case, there are some things that you must observe as below:
  1. Do not take responsibility for third party losses, before you confirm the willingness or approval of the insurance company for that matter.
  2. Complete your report documents for any losses suffered by third parties, in which case you shall include data on such third parties, among others: a copy of ID card, a copy of the driver's license, a photocopy of the vehicle registration, a claim letter of indemnification, justify the accident.

Stages Claim Car Insurance Experiencing Theft

If you experience a car loss due to theft, the first thing you must do is report it to the authorities and also the insurance company. You must also complete your claim with the following documents:

1. Completed claim form.
2. Copy of ID Card, Driver's License, STNK.
3. A letter from the police and a letter of blocking of vehicle registration.

Follow the Applicable Procedures

Car insurance claims are part of your entitlement to your participation in vehicle insurance, this can help you avoid losses and also expenses that could arise due to an accident or theft of your vehicle.

Complete all documents and follow the procedures set by the insurance company, so that your claim can be approved quickly.

In you can get various types of car insurance products with fast claims process and cheapest premium. Compare car insurance products from leading insurance companies as you need to get the best car insurance product.

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